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Since 2009 Indonesia's hospitality communications agency of choice

Indonesia based. Internationally connected.

Yeah sure. We're connected​.

We get the science behind ​influencer marketing, one of the most convincing avenues of earned media routes and not just to engage followers to scroll here and there but for audiences to act on their ideas. To truly follow. However finding those ideal connections and ​getting them in your corner adopting your ethos takes ​a degree of ​skill and ​subtle​ persuasion.

​Nothing random or arbitrary about our approach. We connect clients to influencers, micro or macro, who have the right credibility as communicators, embrace the spirit and character of all things travel and leisure and hopefully have a role in a respected media outlet, consumer group, industry association or colourful community tribe.

​We don't recommend clients try to please all demographics. We are careful about influencer suggestions and aim for a perfect, specific match up as much as possible for​ long-lasting, business-defining​ relationships.​